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Propel Weight Loss Private Coaching

Overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition information in the media, or feel you’re too busy to prepare healthy meals, even if you could figure out what the “right” foods are?

Do you feel stuck in a vicious cycle with food, eating well during the day and bingeing at night? Or maybe you do great all week and then overindulge on the weekend, vowing to “start again” on Monday.

You’re confused about what to eat. Is fat bad? What about carbs? Do I need to eat kale, and what the heck do you even do with chia seeds? And who has time to make all that food anyways?

Sick and tired of feeling unhappy, unmotivated, and unaccountable?

I GET IT. Let me help.

Healthy weight loss is not a quick fix, or a short term diet. It’s a lifestyle change that will effect not only your weight, but your overall health and wellness and emotional wellbeing.

Work with me and you’ll get professional knowledge and recommendations, focused accountability and support, all while learning how to make eating well a lifestyle that you can continue after your program has ended. You’ll learn:

  • How to eat lots of delicious whole foods to nourish your body
  • How to manage cravings and gain control of your body
  • How to support your metabolism by preserving muscle mass and balancing blood sugars
  • How to naturally support your body’s detoxification systems
  • How to naturally balance your hormones
  • How to practice mindful eating, avoid emotional eating and feelings of guilt

All programs are customized to your individual needs, and include regular coaching sessions to help keep you on track.  There are no pre-set meal plans to follow, and recipes are available for various styles of eating and dietary preferences.

Sessions are available via Skype or phone, Tuesday-Thursday 9am to 3pm. Intake sessions available on Saturdays.


*** New Clients Welcome Fall 2017 ** 



What you'll love

  • No dietary dogma or one size fits all approach
  • No cooking separate meals for the rest of the family
  • No weighing, measuring or counting
  • No going hungry, running out of food or obsessing over your next meal
  • Stay on track with weekly coaching sessions and email support
  • Learn real, evidence based strategies that you can continue to use long after your program ends
  • Learn about the importance of lifestyle, self care and stress management
  • Feel amazingly energized and proud of yourself because you have taken care of your body and your health

What you'll get

  • 1 Hour initial consultation
  • Weight loss guide with dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • Recipes and meal ideas
  • Educational handouts
  • Twice monthly 30 min coaching sessions (total of 5 or 11)
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • BONUS: Access to my Preferred Customer Resource Hub, with over $200+ in additional resources