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VIP Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

Real change to love yourself healthy and live a fully free life.

Want to work with Maranda 1:1?

Maranda’s private Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching is an exclusive, highly limited opportunity. The program is a 4 month total transformation that includes a personal health and wellness road map, weekly private sessions, and unlimited voice + text support in between sessions.

This is perfect for someone who desires:

  • A true total transformation from the inside out, addressing physical and emotional health
  • A qualified mentor who holds the mindset and expertise of true health, hormonal balance, and a healthy body weight that you can adapt and align to
  • Access to Maranda’s input whenever you need it so you feel confident moving forward, get clear on what’s holding you back, and always know your next step without confusion or overwhelm
  • All the clinical expertise you need to go to bring your weight and health back into alignment naturally; no more being at war with your body.
  • Attention to mindset, self care, and self love to really experience inner transformation, explore the root cause of your struggles, and identify the patterns that have prevented you from moving forward in the past
  • A completely flexible methodology to finally break free from food struggles once and for all.  No off-limits foods, weighing or measuring, but instead your own unique lifestyle plan that fits your life, will be fulfilling, enjoyable and give you sustainable long term results

This is about total transformation on every level: mind, body, self.

I have supported hundreds of women through total transformation, and would love to support you too.


VIP Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching

What's Included

Health Assessment

IWe'll start with an assessment of your current health, including a nutritional profile and lifestyle assessment. We'll talk about your physical and emotional health history, including what has typically held you back so that we can create your personal road map to achieving your goals

Weekly Sessions

Weekly Nutrition and Success Coaching sessions around your goals and mindset, with optional food diary review (video or phone call).

Personal Wellness Protocol

You'll receive a detailed and personal health and wellness protocol, with clinical nutritional recommendations as well as lifestyle strategies to address environmental and emotional factors. This is the road map we will follow together.

Unlimited Support

You're never alone on this journey, with unlimited voice + text support throughout your program. I'm here for you every step of the way.

What if you could live the life you want, in a body you love?

Working from the inside out, we'll uncover what's really going on with your health, your mindset, and your life so that you can move forward once and for all into your healthiest and happiest life.

Apply Now

Minimum four month commitment and $4999 CAD initial investment. Click 'Apply Now' to book a no-obligation clarity call to learn more about how we can work together to realize your goals.

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