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Hack Your Hormones Consult {+Essential Oils}

Hack Your Hormones Consult {+Essential Oils}

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Low energy, all. the. time.
  • PMS symptoms running 25% of your life (or more)
  • A muffin top that gets more muffin-y by the week
  • Sleep is a distant memory
  • Your mood swings like a pendulum
  • You’re so tired you can’t get through the day without caffeine, chocolate or sugar
  • Food cravings are out of control (especially salt and/or sugar)
  • Your labs show an underactive thyroid
  • You’re entering perimenopause, and it’s not fun

It’s all about your hormones!

In this private consultation, you’ll receive nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to help naturally balance your hormones. You’ll also receive two custom essential oil roller bottles, made specifically for your individual needs (a $50 value).

In your private coaching session we can focus in on your major area of concern, set clear goals and outline your starting points to get there.

At the end of our session, you’ll receive actionable recommendations you can put into place, and any relevant handouts or information sheets.

What you'll love

  • Freedom to explore your personal needs and goals
  • Expert recommendations for your specific circumstances
  • Specific strategies you can immediately implement to feel your best
  • No long term committment

What you'll get

  • A 60 min private consultation (online, via Zoom)
  • Clear and actionable recommendations
  • Follow up email with summary of recommendations and any relevant handouts
  • 2 Custom made essential oil roller bottles to support your specific health goals (mailed after your session)
  • BONUS: access my preferred customer portal with video trainings, ebooks and printable resources (+$200 value!)