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Is it gluten free? Printable cheat sheet

Are you considering going gluten free, but confused about where to start?

FREE:  Is It Gluten Free? Printable Reference

Whether you have celiac disease, other autoimmune disease, or are just looking to reduce inflammation and eat healthier, many people these days are going gluten free.

If you’re coming from a “Standard American Diet”, eliminating wheat and gluten grains can be pretty overwhelming; it’s everywhere! However eating gluten free doesn’t need to be overly complicated or difficult, you just need to learn what grains contain gluten and what keywords to look for a on a food label.

I’ve developed my “Is It Gluten Free?” printable cheat sheet to make it easier for you. Simply print and post in your kitchen, and you’ll have a thorough reference for everything from condiments to cosmetics.

Learn which foods which foods are gluten free, which aren’t and which may contain hidden gluten or be cross contaminated with my free guide.

7 Day Gluten Free Meal Plan

FREE:  Done-For-You 7 Day Gluten Free Meal Plan

Whether you’re new to gluten free eating, or just looking for some fresh meal ideas my 7 Day Gluten Free Meal Plan is designed to make eating gluten free easy, healthy and family friendly. No gluten free processed foods here, just fresh whole foods
you can find at your regular grocery store plus my tips on how to implement it all without spending all day in the kitchen.

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